Friday, May 15, 2009


You have used 756 out of your net daily budget of 1370 calories and have 614 calories remaining. 15% of the calories are from fat, 29% from protein, 56% from carbs and 0% from alcohol.

This is what Calorie King has said to me for the last couple of days. When I don't eat many carbs (I mean bread, rice, pasta, chocolate, lollies, biscuits etc) and don't drink alcohol or too much caffeine, I physically cannot eat - I have to force myself to eat things, cos I don't get hungry. The trouble is - as soon as I eat something I shouldn't be eating, I get out of control and it's back to eating everything in site. What's worse? Eating 1000 cals a day and losing 500 gms a day (at the moment, I know it will lessen quite quickly and soon) or eating like a pig and putting on a few kilos every year?

I love not feeling hungry. But I hate having a net of 600 cals left over at the end of the day and thinking maybe i'm doing the wrong thing. If i'm not hungry, i'm not hungry, right?



Chris H

I can't imagine not feeling hungry!


If you are eating lots of fresh fruit & veg with some good protein & some low GI carbs, you should be getting all the nutrients you need, if you are not hungry - don't eat.


to up the last of the calories... without too many carbs... how about a piece of cheese (something nice like camembert or brie - or good old tasty)... or a yogurt?

We used to suggest this at Weight Watchers when people weren't eating enough of their points - then complaining they weren't losing weight. Eating the required kj's kickstarted their weightloss.

But, as Tracy said, if you're not hungry... don't eat. Just make sure you are getting your nutrients or taking a multi-vitamin tablet.

Good luck kiddo!

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