Sunday, May 10, 2009


I need accountability - i'm going back to using Calorie King each day and watching my calorie intake etc.  

I have spent some of this morning putting all of my CK data into a spreadsheet (from 2006 til now).  I started out in March 2006 at 78 kilos, gosh I wish I was there now!

Lowest weight in the last three years 73.3 - highest is today's (85.5).
I've gained (net) 7.5 kilos in three years (not too bad, could have been worse) but I need to fix it.
When I get back to 73.3 i'll then decide where i'm going from there.  I've been there before, I have the data to prove it!

Wish me luck kiddies .....


Zanna, travelling tart, back in Oz

It really never ends for us does it - you turn your back for a second - find a bit of happiness in your life and it all comes galloping back. Good luck on the quest - as you say you know you can do it - so get to it kiddo! Love Z nxx


Totally.... good luck for ya hun!

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