Thursday, April 9, 2009

Happy Easter

I'm in Melbourne. I love Melbourne, mostly because of the great people I know who live here! You know who you are! and the food, i've never had a bad meal in Melbourne. Shark Fin Inn here I come!!

I've walked around the Albert Park Lake twice in two days! Woo hoo. Yesterday I went at lunchtime and there were a heap of people out with their personal trainers - with those elastic bands tied around trees and fighting against them, people boxing, running up hills, doing those push ups that you do with your arms while you're squatting (whatever THEY are called - not anything I like doing! haha). There were also (obviously) a lot of walkers and even more joggers. I have always wanted to be able to jog or run, but after watching these people i'm not so sure. None of them are smiling, none of them look like they're enjoying themselves, and all of them look like they're in pain!!

People's running styles are so different, i've never noticed that before. One guy I was watching chucked his left leg out every time he stepped on his right foot, it was hilarious. Other people shrink down, some run sideways, other people have one shoulder dropped, it was fascinating!! It's awesome to see someone who looks comfortable when they are running, it's so smooth and looks so easy, they are few and far between though!

Today i'm meeting Jodie - we've been internet buddies for 5 years but we've never met in person. I'm so excited. I hope I don't say anything stupid. Meeting people from the internet is like meeting superstars, you know so much about them but when you meet them you're gob smacked! haha I'm sure we'll be fine though. I've bought some champagne!
Jodie is cooking a special dish for us today. I love it when people cook for me, and especially if it's something new, I can't wait.

Mark is working in Melbourne over Easter and I came down rather than sitting at home on my own. Lachie is with his Dad til Monday and then he's dropping him at my Mum's for next week.
I miss him so much, but i'm getting lots of reading done. I'm onto the third Twighlight book now, they are interesting. Has anyone else read them?

I'm flying back to Canberra on Tuesday morning and going straight to work - bah, at least it's a short week. Mark won't be back til Thursday, same day Lachie comes back - so i'll have a couple of nights on my own. Our new house is SO big compared to my tiny house i've lived in for the last twelve months. It has a great view over the suburb below at nighttime - I have always wanted to live in a house where you have a great view. I must try and take some photos and post them.

Happy Easter!


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